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Fair Photo Contest 2024

**All photos submitted for the contest become property of the Taylor County Fair and can be used by the fair as they see fit including but not limited to promotional activity and marketing on print media and social media platforms**


The Taylor County Fair is bringing back its photograph competition! Everyone takes pictures while at the fair, try your luck at winning one of our prizes by submitting your photos from the fair! We would love to see what you're up to at the fair! 

Submit your Pictures!

Fill out this form 

How to participate in the contest: Take pictures at the fair and submit them using the link above! 

Rules and Regulations:

One entry per person per category


 First Place: A first place ribbon, photo displayed in the fair office, and $25

• Second Place: 2nd place ribbon


 1. Kids at the Fair  (main focus on children)

 2. People at the Fair 

 3. Animals at the Fair 

 4. Fun at the Fair (coin search, dress an animal, ag olympics, rides, etc)

 5. Evening at the Fair 

 6. Special Event (tractor pull, demo derby, music, children’s entertainment, etc)

Taylor County Fair Photo Contest.png

Entry Deadline: August 5, 2024!

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