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Hillbilly Racing - 2024

hilbilly racing.jpg

Saturday's Grandstand Event 

Back again this year! Hillbilly Racing! 

Racing over bumps and through mud. Fastest car wins! 

Hillbilly Drag Racing Event

July 27th 7pm

430 to 6 registration.

Clay n dirt track

15 years and older

4 classes: Front wheel drive, Rear wheel drive, 4x4 Class, Anything you Bring Class (bus, rvs, buggy, trucks, cars, Hurst, Vans, semi,) $40 enter $15 pit pass

1st to 3rd $500,$250,$100 in each class.

Any vehicles: Daily driver, race car, demo car, mud truck, vans, SUVs, school bus R.Vs, firetrucks, semi home made racer. Bring your demo car day early and race it and demo it Sunday. Camp overnight


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